How to Play Poker

The Reality of Poker Almost As Glamorous as TV

Away from the glitz of TV “reality” poker, college students are making the serious money in poker. Two years ago, many of these twenty-somethings started playing poker with a local charity organization. Now they play in high stakes games and win millions of dollars. How did they do it? Let’s follow the money.

The charities set up a tournament with no entry fees and small stakes. Since many of the players at these games are college students, their entry fees dollars go a long way in funding these high stakes games. The games can be huge, with thousands of dollars in play. Why not? College kids are adventurous. They make mistakes. And, when you make mistakes, you learn from them.

The college kids who participated in these local charity tournaments were probably college students. Most of them were probably not well-versed with tournament strategy. But who cares? They seemed to be having a lot of fun.

The professional poker players too probably thought that these were simple games of luck. They thought they could outplay the other guy or outplay the computer. The ones who were making big money were not doing it through skill, but were outplaying the other guys with luck on their side.

Don’t get discouraged, there are plenty of small stakes games and even larger ones to win at. Most of the big games though, such as tournaments with registration fees, take a very long time to complete. Even the freerolls, which are very small games, have a very large financial reward attached to them.

So, if you want to make big money, why not play in the real thing? Although it will be very costly, the amount you will make is probably considerably greater than if you just played in the freerolls.

The reason why online poker makes it so much easier to win money is that you can study the other players. You can study their habits, their strategies, and find ways to beat them. Sure, you can still cheat, but with the convenience of being able to do so from the comfort of your own home, you can greatly reduce your risk of getting caught.

The prize money attached to no limit games is extremely high. Although it’s tempting to play these high buy-in games, you should be smart about it. Only rich and professional gamblers should ever play no limit games. Their histories reveal their strengths and weaknesses. With thousands of hands dealt per hour, there’s no time to waste.

No limit games are not for beginners. Although it’s possible to learn to play poker very quickly, for most people, it takes at least a year of mastering the game before they’re ready to jump into a game with real money. The great READINESS comes from knowing exactly where and when to play.

Once you learn a solid dominobet strategy, you need to read your opponents. You don’t have to try to be there, but watch for tells for when they have strong hands and when they have weak hands. You should always assume your opponent knows what he’s doing. I thought for a moment about just jumping into a game of poker blind, but then I wondered what would happen to my brain. Once you learn enough skills, you’ll be able to guess when your opponent is bluffing and when he has a solid hand.

When playing online, you’ll notice your opponents immediately give away their hand without thinking. They’ll click on nothing less than every pot they’re in, and they’ll usually do it while you’re not looking. If you’re a player who thinks ahead, you’ll be able to make proper decisions and play correctly, winning a lot of small bets and thus making good money.

There are arandom number of strategies for the game of poker. The best strategy is to learn all of the different strategies and to practice as much as you can. See the links below for more info and strategies.

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