How To Learn Blackjack Card Counting And Win – Is It Really Possible?

Have you ever wondered, can you learn how to learn blackjack card counting and win guaranteed, or is it just another scam?

Then hopefully this article can help you decide on whether or not you want to give learning blackjack card counting a chance and actually win with it.

Learning how to count cards in blackjack is the basis for many strategies of card counting, however, most of these strategies will fail to reveal their full potential unless you can get into the habit of thoroughly practicing them and doing it naturally without any outside distractions.

While it is not entirely possible to learn every strategy relating to counting cards in MPO777, you can learn many of them with extreme diligence. Following are several extremely effective tips which can make the studying of counting cards far less daunting:

• Most of the card counting strategies, whether they are the initial pass/don’t pass, come-to-passions, or surrender variations, can be easily learned with no need to remember separate counting strategies for each hand like most typical blackjack systems. This is because they all basically consist of the same idea, only the details differ in place.

• There is no need to remember the details of card counting, because every time the cards are dealt, you only need to make reference to the running count. The actual running count total is the sum of the cards that are still in the deck and those that have already been dealt. This total is compared with the one stated by the dealer to determine if the deck is rich in high cards or in low cards.

• Most of the more complicated strategies, such as those that govern the decisions during the splitting and splitting after split, have their own Calculations performed when the cards are dealt. This means that these strategies will only work properly when the user knows exactly the values of the cards in the deck and the number of divides.

• While the deck is being shuffled, it is important to perform a little addition on your side. This is so that the cards that will be played into the deck, are not mixed up with the cards that will not be played. If this happens, then it will create a higher probability of cards being dealt into the wrong side of the deck.

Now, all of those areas of card counting strategies are fairly easy to learn, and, if you are struggling with one, you can always practice with the free method below.

How to learn blackjack card counting strategies?

The first thing to do is to learn all of the different card counting strategies, as you will need to know when to, and not to, split your cards. Do this for free at home, by payoffing online to an online casino, because you will still get an accuracy in the learning.

It is important to make sure that you learn all of the available card counting methods, as there are some with which you will not be able to do the same thing. Once you are done with this, practice until you can do perfectly each time the cards are dealt. You can also practice more in free online blackjack games.

Once you are confident in your skill, you can then start practicing how to use the methods you have learned with the card counting strategies. Do this for as long as you want, because you will need to practice still. Online casinos are suitable for this because you can get a card counting software to play with, that will also track the cards that you have played and help you to compute the probabilities of cards coming out of the deck.

To conclude, blackjack card counting is essentially a probability theory that you must understand before you can go on to make a living as a professional blackjack gambler.

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How to Use Lottery Wheeling Systems to Your Advantage!

Lottery wheeling systems are designed to help you increase your odds of winning a prize. They do this by giving you a group of numbers (or lottery card) and a set of instructions on how to correctly pick the winning numbers. Winning the lotto is all about the numbers and their patterns, so learning how to use lottery wheeling systems to your advantage can greatly improve your chances of hitting the jackpot.

How to Use Lottery Wheeling Systems to Your Advantage

The first and most important thing to remember is that lottery wheeling systems are not a way to cheat the lottery, rather they are simply ways to help you improve your chances of winning. Moreover, you do not need to be a mathematician or a rocket scientist in order to use the techniques either; just follow the easy instructions and you will be able to play and win.

The lotto professional who created his or her system did so because they wanted to increase your chances of winning, and in the process increase the net gain as well. If you are a new player, you need to remember that you can get a wheeling system for free if you ask for it. Certainly, you should purchase a minimum of three or four tickets before you bet on the lottery and if you repeat the process, you may win as much as a 7 and even a 10 million-dollar prize.

How to Choose the Winning Numbers

If you choose to play with the New York Take 5, play the required number of tickets. You can play up to 30 times per week. First, or not first, depending on how many numbers you choose. After you’ve won, you can request additional tickets.

Also, if you win the New York Take 5 Lotto, you can claim your prizes at any of the retailers where you’ve bought your tickets. You don’t need to go to the nearest lottery ticket store, as long as you’ve bought your tickets at one of the authorized New York Take 5 retailers.

In addition to where to buy tickets for New York Take 5 lotto, you can also visit the website to research the various lottery strategies that are available. You can find tips on how to best pick the winning numbers as well as offers for upcoming draws.

For the New York Take 5, you can choose among a variety of options offered in your state. You can decide on the number of drawings you wish to participate in. You may decide to play all the weeks in a single week, or only when the jackpot rises above a specified level.

You can also decide how many numbers you want to play – your best choice is usually the 56 number option. This allows you to cover 53 numbers plus 6 bonus numbers providing you a total of 74 numbers to choose from.

If you want to play Take 5 lotto, you can fill out the playslips for the number of draws you indicate you’d like to play. They provide you with the option of how many draws you can participate in all without providing any of the tickets.

Once you decide how many draws you’re going to take part in, give your playslip to your retailer. Then, take your ticket and pay for it. Tickets need to be printed at least a full month before the draw date, so it’s best to purchase your tickets early. Make sure you get your playslip within the time allotted though, as prizes can be subject to increased costs from sellers if ticket sales reach that point.

If you win the Dewatogel Take 5 lotto, you can visit the lottery retailer’s site to claim your prize. You’d probably need to complete a few steps before claiming your winnings though. First, you’d better check that the person that won it is at least twenty-one years old because the rule states that the prize must be claimed within three months of the valid draw date.

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You Can Make Soccer Betting As Easy As A Click On Your Mouse

If you are a soccer fan then you may like to gamble on your favorite team but you don’t want to do it alone. You can make it easy to do by following the instructions that they provide and by using the picks that they choose for you. A lot of experts make their living off soccer betting and you can by following some simple steps of the instructions that they have provided.

The picks that the experts use to make their predictions are varied and smart people bet based on their emotions. This can be very dangerous. If you aren’t sure about the bet that you are going to make, you may end up losing a lot of money. It’s best to make the bets with the help of professionals and professionals that make their income through online soccer betting.

As many people dream, you can make the process easy and Cash Winners are all around the smart money.

The step by step guides on how to predict the team to win are easily found online. You can easily predict the team to win with the help of different statistics and news. Placing soccer bets online has never been easy. But by using the information and staking software, you can increase your chances of winning your bets from 50% to more like 90% of the bets that you place are successful.

The online betting market is very big and you can make some money by spending just a few minutes analyzing the results of a match. You don’t need to know anything about football or soccer to make money from soccer betting. Experts use the information that you provide them to make their odds of the games much more accurate. You shouldn’t let yourself hooked onto a game if you are just going to bet because you have a feeling a certain team will win. You want to know why the betting odds were chosen and how they are calculated to work out the odds of the game.

In more detail, you should know how the odds are generated to make sure that the odds of your bet are the ones that you want and need to make a fortune from soccer betting. The generated odds are the sum of money that you will win if your team wins minus the money that you will have to pay the online Panen138 for the bets that you are making.

As an example, if you want to bet on a match between Arsenal and Chelsea, the odds that you will get are around 2/1. This means that if you bought a hundred pound at the start and you are betting £10 you will win £20, giving you a return of £120 or 2/1. The online sportsbook will take a sum of your bets and issue you a balance equal to your total Cost of Tickets (even if you lose) that is one hundred pounds. In this example where you bet £10 you will have to pay out £120 resulting in a loss of £10 (£10 x £10 = £120). You will win £10 x 100 = £100 more from the bookies = £10 profit. You need to bet over this even if you lose. Over time this is how you will make a profit.

If you want to make more simple, you can repeat the process shown above repeats until you have no more money in your betting account. Then you can stop.If you want to win this game, you need to keep track of what the outcome is and what the next game is going to be. You do this by betting on the same outcome at the same sportsbook. This has to be proven … by studying history books and betting with friends and family.

I am not going to go into the science of it because it is a lot easier than that. What I will do instead, is recommend some bookmakers that seem to make a profit and above all … let you bet on the outcome.

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A Quick Guide to Football Betting

It must be impossible to imagine that in less than 12 months that so many football fans have been given the opportunity to bet on football. This is the case nowadays because of the Internet, which has made it possible to bet on football virtually around the world. It is now a lot easier to find an online gambling site if you are searching for football betting than it used to be.

However, just like everything else, online betting has its pros and cons. The main thing to remember before you begin to bet on football is that you have to have a strategy, you have to have a system if you want to make a profit. If you are just starting out in the business, it is still a good idea to paper trade for a while to get a feel of the business first. This will help you to see what happens when you are putting your money into the system. If you are not sure how to go about it, you can start with small bets first, by betting on a game or two. You have to remember that you have to have good information about the teams, the players, and the coaches. If you have this kind of information, you will be way more likely to be successful than someone who is randomly betting on games or a guess.

One thing to remember is that you have to keep your emotions in check. If you are a big fan of a team or if you have been following the players or teams closely, this will not go well with the online betting because people tend to bet with their hearts instead of their brains. This means that you have to be sure about your bets or you will end up losing more than you can handle. This is why the Internet can be such a big help to people who are just starting out. There are so many great sites to read and you can just pick the one that you like the most and you are most comfortable with.

You should also be realistic with your bets. If you think you have a lock on the game, you probably do not. The more you understand about the teams, the players and the coaches, the more likely you are to be able to make the smart bet. This is why you should just stick with your homework and read up on what is going on with the players and the teams you are betting on. At the same time, you should also be aware of what your gate keepers are saying about your bets. If they have anything to say about it, you should make sure you pay attention to what they have to say.

Try to stay away from MPO500 in progress. Even if it is a difficult game, you should look out for the small possibility that it can be a way to make money for you. As I mentioned earlier, you do not want to bet on a loser, so keep your guard down if you are not sure. On the other hand, when you are sure that you have a lock on the game, you can take the opportunity to make some money even if the team loses.

You should also ask around for advice with regards to the teams you are betting on. There are many people who love betting and who can offer you great advice. You should listen to everyone because you will be investing your money into an idea that will require your total attention. Unless you have that understanding already, you will need to know what everyone has to say.

You should also never bet on too many games. The more bets you place in one game, the less attention you will be paying to each of the games. This could lead to mistakes in focus if you are not experienced in the leagues.

With the Internet as a resource, you can easily locate a great website to bet on. The more you know about the teams, players and coaches, the more confident you will be when you place your bet. This will give you a great chance to have an edge over people who bet with their instincts and gut feelings. Understand the game and bet intelligently, and you will end up winning a lot of bets.

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Winning Picks For Winning

Some people say that winning is not as easy as it seems and while others will say that it’s pretty easy. If you say that winning is hard and that the winners don’t always win, you’re probably right. However, you can find some winning picks if you know what to look for.

Some people say that winning is not that much of a thing, yet they still make money off of betting. What they fail to realize is that not everyone can or will win. However, the ones that are winners do win consistently and this doesn’t happen by chance. Such people don’t just rely on luck, they set themselves up for bigger wins promptly with smarts, good picks, and decisive picks. The ones that are hucksters don’t last long with any kind of consistency.

Meanwhile, the real experts are the ones that track trends and statistics, employ proven systems, and are constantly evolving to keep pace with the best grasp of the latest available data available. These are the select few that make money week in and week out, exhaust no patience, and are willing to push the most risky plays when they know they’re shooting for a home run.

The experts that track games know where to invest their money, know which teams to oppose, and know when to switch gears. They don’t just hope to win, they know that they will win. But they don’t just win, they win consistently and they win big. Whether it’s the All Star game or the PokerRepublik, the real premiership teams know how to win. You can’t possibly be one of them if you don’t.

You’ll find a lot more expert opinions on NFL football picks that can help you make smarter bets on point spreads and odds. However, the expert opinions that can help you make smarter bets are few and far between. Most experts are uninformed by the sports information services and they don’t know when they’re being played or if they were actually playing to win or not.

Many of these are the sports information services that claim to provide the best NFL football picks. When you encounter a situation like this, you need to ask yourself “Why is this person offering this information and what are their credentials?” If you aren’t buying what you know, you are buying fake information and will most likely lose your money.

You can win if you are simply looking for different angles and ideas, not flat out stealing your money. presented to you as a real expert, you can’t do that so you are taking the time to follow tips like these, you will be much more likely to keep your money.

I know that it’s difficult to look for expert help and so I rely on the advice of the experts myself. I don’t always follow all of their picks, but I do follow all of their picks because I figure if they are experts, they’d have good ones. Over time, this betting strategy pays off and you make money instead of losing it.

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Learn to Play Texas Hold’em Poker

If you want to learn to play Texas Hold’em poker, the best way is to arm yourself with as much knowledge of the game as possible. The best way to do this is to build your own library of the best low limit Texas Hold’em poker strategy books.

Book stores are flooded with poker books these days and I thought it might be a good time to list the three best books available. These books are generally the most valuable resources for beginning and expert poker players. With most of these books specializing in Texas Hold’em poker, you can find a lot of information on the internet. That is one of the reasons so many people play poker online and choose to do so, as they have many more places to learn the game.

  1. Winning Low Limit Hold’em by Lee Jones – whatsoever you think of Lee Jones, you can’t go wrong with any book on the subject. Although you can find out more about the book and what it is about from other websites, purchasing the book at face value might be a mistake. The book is three years old and has plenty of great information. You will learn how to play limit and no limit Texas Hold’em poker, as well as the history of the game.
  2. Small Stakes Hold’em:easy poker for beginners by Lee Jones – this book is a small named book, but the information it provides is the same valuable as the book above. I Nelson had no idea what small stakes poker was, but this book made me realize I could play real poker. Actually playing limit Texas Hold’em poker in small stakes games is almost like the book play, except that the stakes less and less.
  3. Casino Hold’em by Ken Fuchs – this is the first book many people read when they learned to play poker. It is one of the very first books written on poker, so the book has a lot of information in it. Despite the book not being about poker, many of the strategies and ideas that can be applied to poker can also be applied to this book. I learned a lot from this book and applied many concepts from it.

If you are just starting to learn to play domino88, any of the books mentioned above should be given to you as gifts, because they discuss the game so well and cover a lot of ground. You can read a book for a while and then read the chapter on something else, and then read the book again with a different focus. Then, if you are reading poker books to learn and improve your game, you will benefit from the experience of others. We are all building our poker games on the games we play, but we are all beginning at the same level. You need to know a lot about the game before you can play well, and the more you know, the better your game will be. You can read a book forever, but you may never really understand what you are reading about unless you actually play. Then, you can compare your knowledge to other’s knowledge and improve as time goes on.

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Why Online Gambling Is Becoming Popular

When a person is caught gambling, it is normal to seek some of the reasons that allow them to gamble online. Well, for one to have an idea on what is the reason why one gambles can be answered with some specific answers. Below are some of the reasons why you can bet online.

Online gambling is convenient and easy. When you realize the location of where you might need to bet, it would be very easy to do so. And, you would also be able to save time and effort in doing a spot search.

Online gambling is audited and regulated. Gambling websites are increasingly getting approved by their respective boards of Registration and Estimates, and many of them have posted their accounts on the boards. This shows that they are sustainably managed and also that they are audited and fully safe for players’ trust.

Many gambling websites also emphasize more than receiving bonuses that they offer. They also have payment options that are relegated to a lesser category of customers. This likewise applies to the casino games such as Bingo and Roulette or any of their variations.

Online gambling is a sure, fast, and secure way to play the game of one-on-one or group bingo game against other players in your area.

The reason why online gambling is becoming a popular option is that is has distinct advantages over the conventional and the land-based casinos. It may seem that the extra effort and lower payouts offered by online gaming websites compares to the land-based casinos, but the extra effort involved in travelling far distances to the land-based casinos and the sometimes higher-than-average payouts do lure many players into playing in online gambling websites.

Is it absolutely sure that online gambling is the best choice for a punter? The initial payouts are lower than those in land-based casinos, and it will depend on the player whether or not he or she feels confident enought to play for the payouts or not.

The market has developed extremely, and with the coming of many new gaming websites providing traditional online poker games, bingo and other casino games, the demand for such websites has grown tremendously. In theory, since the market itself is much smaller, online gambling websites will have a lower cost of operation than land-based casinos and this can therefore produce lower taxes.

The internet has had a hugely positive influence on gambling in general, and online gambling in particular. Thanks to the global nature of the internet, the cost of running online gambling websites has been drastically lowered, which has in turn caused a massive increase in the number of people gambling online. In turn, this has had a effects on the gambling industry as well, because the cost of running online websites has dropped from “pocket money,” to being totally free. This essentially means that there are no expenses for the websites to pay subscription fees, advertising costs, or profit margins to franchisees. In this way, online gambling websites have the potential to be hugely profitable for many players.

However, it is important to be aware that although online gambling is becoming more and more popular, many people still enjoy going to the casino -od their local in-house casino. Casino Dewapoker, Arkansas, and Las Vegas are still the most popular destinations for casino vacationers.

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How to Play Poker

The Reality of Poker Almost As Glamorous as TV

Away from the glitz of TV “reality” poker, college students are making the serious money in poker. Two years ago, many of these twenty-somethings started playing poker with a local charity organization. Now they play in high stakes games and win millions of dollars. How did they do it? Let’s follow the money.

The charities set up a tournament with no entry fees and small stakes. Since many of the players at these games are college students, their entry fees dollars go a long way in funding these high stakes games. The games can be huge, with thousands of dollars in play. Why not? College kids are adventurous. They make mistakes. And, when you make mistakes, you learn from them.

The college kids who participated in these local charity tournaments were probably college students. Most of them were probably not well-versed with tournament strategy. But who cares? They seemed to be having a lot of fun.

The professional poker players too probably thought that these were simple games of luck. They thought they could outplay the other guy or outplay the computer. The ones who were making big money were not doing it through skill, but were outplaying the other guys with luck on their side.

Don’t get discouraged, there are plenty of small stakes games and even larger ones to win at. Most of the big games though, such as tournaments with registration fees, take a very long time to complete. Even the freerolls, which are very small games, have a very large financial reward attached to them.

So, if you want to make big money, why not play in the real thing? Although it will be very costly, the amount you will make is probably considerably greater than if you just played in the freerolls.

The reason why online poker makes it so much easier to win money is that you can study the other players. You can study their habits, their strategies, and find ways to beat them. Sure, you can still cheat, but with the convenience of being able to do so from the comfort of your own home, you can greatly reduce your risk of getting caught.

The prize money attached to no limit games is extremely high. Although it’s tempting to play these high buy-in games, you should be smart about it. Only rich and professional gamblers should ever play no limit games. Their histories reveal their strengths and weaknesses. With thousands of hands dealt per hour, there’s no time to waste.

No limit games are not for beginners. Although it’s possible to learn to play poker very quickly, for most people, it takes at least a year of mastering the game before they’re ready to jump into a game with real money. The great READINESS comes from knowing exactly where and when to play.

Once you learn a solid dominobet strategy, you need to read your opponents. You don’t have to try to be there, but watch for tells for when they have strong hands and when they have weak hands. You should always assume your opponent knows what he’s doing. I thought for a moment about just jumping into a game of poker blind, but then I wondered what would happen to my brain. Once you learn enough skills, you’ll be able to guess when your opponent is bluffing and when he has a solid hand.

When playing online, you’ll notice your opponents immediately give away their hand without thinking. They’ll click on nothing less than every pot they’re in, and they’ll usually do it while you’re not looking. If you’re a player who thinks ahead, you’ll be able to make proper decisions and play correctly, winning a lot of small bets and thus making good money.

There are arandom number of strategies for the game of poker. The best strategy is to learn all of the different strategies and to practice as much as you can. See the links below for more info and strategies.

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10 Ways to Have a Card

The purpose of the Heart Position is to fill the last three positions that are occupied by the two players in manner of moving the aces from the bottom of the deck to the top. This is to replace the aces in the hand and this is the only means to go if both players are unable to make the same hand. Once a player is able to replace the aces, he moves them to the top of the deck and puts a replacement card next to the original ace. Next comes the spinning of the wheel with the flop and the betting begins once again.

The game can be played with a single deck shoe containing eighty five cards, or can be played with a split deck. Either way, there are fifty four ways to have a card placed in the flop, and forty eight ways to have the card placed in the centre of the table. Once a player has his up-cards, he can bet on the possibilities. He may also bet on the vowels – thus the name of the game dipity. The basic requirements to win are three of a kind or four of a kind, which can be a full house, flush, straight, or royal flush. These are actually the five cards in a man’s hand.

Once the bet is placed, players can discard in their hand in order to make new up-cards. Players can even do fourteen card stud poker and draw twelve cards if so desire. Upon the arrival of the fourth card in the middle of the table, there is the second round of betting beginning again with the player in possession of the best hand. If in the present second round all the players have placed their bets, it is time to discard in the hand and wait for the next hand.

A strange and uncommon feature of stud poker is that the players keep their set of cards provided by the dealer and none other. However, this could be overcome by the players selling their hand if they desire. The maximum bet allowed on this game is $4 and bet is typically placed in the centre of the table for easy counting. The face up-cards of all players are shown at the end of the game. But unlike most other poker games, stud poker does not need the players to show only their face up-cards in order to have a hand of five cards. Even their blinds are shown to the other players.


Prohibited in stud poker are all the following:

  1. Players can bet more than the total size of the table or hand. For example, a player betting all the way to the centre of table during fold, in order to make a bet of reclosable $4 is risking to give all the betnings back to the dealer. In this case, the player can surely bet the table, though keep in mind that he gives back his ante as well.
  2. Prohibited in stud poker are hand values more than five.
  3. Players can raise in stud poker, but not re-raise.
  4. The action of dispose and discard in stud poker is in order. However, the players can allow the round to pass to the Contrary. In other words, if during the round, a player feels that the hand he holds is not strong enough, he can give it up and fold.
  5. Players canitably decline to draw against one another. This principle is fairly often called the think free point.
  6. In stud poker, the highest card of two is turned over blindingly. This principle has been named the bluff and, naturally, the players who are bluffing are called cheaters.
  7. The limited past of stud poker is the same as that of hold’em in the other poker games.
  8. Only the best six cards of the seven can be used to treat as the best hand. The fact that the highest card is turned over in the deal, makes the stud poker game more Influence than other poker games.
  9. The fact that the highest hand is better than any other, makes the stud poker more akin to the hold’em.
  10. The number of pass or don’t pass bets in stud poker is more than that of other afapoker games. This means that the player is not required to show his hole cards, as in the other poker games. Even in pass hold’em there are a limited number of hand positions. The stud poker is not the sort of poker that will make a player wait for a very long game. Rather it is the one of poker that can deal with effects after every deal. As a result the player is not required to wait anxious for the good hand.
  11. The stakes are higher in stud poker. Slight rules variations may often lead to multimillion dollar winnings.
  12. Even the lowest hand in stud poker can bring the player below a hundred thousand dollars.
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The Best Way to Play Pocket Pairs

The Best Way to Play Pocket Pairs Č Pocket pairs are without a doubt are the greatest starting cards, and also the hardest to chase. Many texas holdem players especially when they’re first learning the game of poker, use an overpair when hole cards like pocket 7’s or pocket queens and etc. But, what if you’re playing a pocket pair and you’re set to go all in against a single raiser or a small ball player?

The answer is so far more often than not, that’s to play it out, call all in, and see if you happen to hit your set. There’s a reason pocket pairs are valued at four of a kind versus one of a kind, pocket pairs win more often than any hand that can win with a flop like QQ, or JJ.

But, if you’re playing literally at any seat at the table, your pocket pairs can be a liability. Let’s say you have 97s (this is the best position to be in a pokerbo game, it’s the smallest amount of money that you can safely bet with as soon as all the pocket pairs are out on the table. If you’re in early position, you could play AA, and if you’re in late position, you could play JJ. The reason this is the case is simple, the biggest raisers are generally position players, and they tend to value their blinds more than their profits, therefore giving them more consideration when making a decision to call.

If you have absolutely no idea what to do with pocket pairs, well, you are probably better off throwing them away, especially if you have more money in the pot than you really should be. Calling with pocket pairs preflop is almost always a bad play, but calling into a strong bet after giving away your small pocket pair is actually the opposite end of the stick.

If you are at all a beginner, I strongly suggest playing out some small pocket pairs or Kings off and around 75-85% of the time (depending if you have position or not). These are hands that can win you a lot of money in low limit games against good players. If you get called and don’t have a very strong hand, or if you make a decent hand, you can either get out of the hand, and take a small profit, or induce a bluff and survive.

Unlike suited connectors, your hand will typically be likely to lose if another player draws out on you. Since your pair is unlikely to be the best hand, you want to make sure that you don’t expose your set to obvious draws. Easiest and most profitable way to do this is to either not play your hand at all, or if you are in early position, to make a small bet of around 4-5 times the big blind. This action tells the other players, that although your hand may be very strong, you are not putting your money in the pot without some sort of hand.

The date when you make your set is largely up to the individual, as it could also signify a length of time you’ve been playing with a particular hand. Personally, I recommend you wait at least three times the big blind before calling a preflop raise, in early position, with the intention of making a c-bet. After which, you can reasonably consider raising to any amount you like, since you will have given yourself a chance to win with the best hand.

For instance, if you have a small set that ends up better than the flop after two players have called the blinds and you decide to lead out with a raise of 3.5 times the big blind, you will typically get one or two callers. If you happen to get re-raised preflop, you can comfortably expect one or two fold to your larger raise. This gives you an idea of where your hand is at, and allows you to make a judgement as to whether or not you should risk your current hand or wait for a better set.

For instance, if the flop is 2h-6h-9c, you are more inclined to want to keep your chances of a straight or flush alive, and punting with a set is not such a bad option either. Hence you can be sure that your opponent(s) will be putting a bit of money in the pot, hoping for a different set. Knowing this, you can then call or possibly double the bet. Obviously, this is a much safer move than folding a hand, and hoping to make your set.

Be warned that Systems like the one discussed in this article do not guarantee an automatic win, and should only be used as a guide with the utmost caution.

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