Take Seven Easy Steps to Make a Living Playing at the Casinos

Take Seven Easy Steps to Make a Living Playing at the Casinos

I started writing this article after trying to quit gambling. It’s been 1, triggering thoughts of failure, shame and regret. Anyone who has ever tried to quit knows that trying to do so is not simple. Attempts to help us – mental tactics and advice – have been and continue to be brushed off by the so-called experts.

I wanted to help you by setting off on a few different but similar steps that you can follow in order to –

  • Stop gambling
  • Maybe stop gambling
  • Maybe start to pay for your children’s college tuition
  • Get your house in shape
  • Stopped drinking alcohol altogether
  • Started exercising
  • Got rid of those things that draw you to gambling
  • Started reading non-fiction non-embedreportprintbooks

A simple example of a process that follows the seven steps is from A to E, or Leverage your living expenses to stop gambling. Each step is aimed at one of the stages mentioned – setting a limit to your gambling bankroll, holding off gambling, maybe cutting back, or quitting altogether.

The process for looking at ending gambling is the reverse of the way in which you started – from A to E. In other words, if you had reached the top of the mountain, and were feeling really achieved and confident, you might want to slow down and enjoy the walk. Or if you had made it to the top of the mountain, but became really desperate, you might not be inclined to continue, because the climb was harder than the walk.

The seven steps are as follows:

  1. Accept that you have a gambling problem
  2. Accept that you have a gambling problem. This is a point many people have difficulty understanding.
  3. Do not gamble when you are unhappy
  4. Do not gamble when you have a troubled mind
  5. Do not gamble when you are tired
  6. Wait before you gamble if you are losing
  7. Only gamble when you have enough money to spend
  8. Only gamble what you can afford to lose
  9. Limit yourself to a small number of bets per day.
  10. Gamble only what you can afford to lose
  11. Never gamble when you have had too much to drink
  12. Only gamble when you have reached the legal driving age
  13. Determine your gambling limit before you set it.
  14. Never ever gamble when you are tired or irritable
  15. Always keep a record of your winnings and losses
  16. If you are losing, stop
  17. If you are winning, continue to gamble and take a break if necessary.

The man said, ‘The Vodka138 had a pretty smiling face when he was selling dreams, but when he was selling facts he looked more like a risen Christ.’

Pick yourself up and move on. You have gifts enough to motivate you, but not enough to force you.

This is a point worth noting because this advice is appropriate and Occasionally, in life, people, especially those in positions of trust and authority, can allow themselves to be tempted.

The temptation can be to try and maintain the streak, the way a habitual gambler might do. It is important to remember that the streak can only go as far as your disposal and that you are ultimately responsible for your own decision to stop.

If you put in place the control measures recommended in this article, you will then have full control and possibly even some fun as you watch the streaks or streaks end.