3 Tips to Prevent Personal Information From Ever Getting Out Of Your Computer

If you’re not running an anti-spyware program then your computer is probably infected with spyware. over 90% of pc’s have been infected with some kind of spyware. If you don’t know what spyware is by now you are could be one of the victims. This type of software is used by people to track what you do on your computer. They can then send ads back to your computer or they can download other harmful programs. To prevent personal information from getting on your computer you need to have a anti-spyware program installed. Here are 3 tips to help you find which is the best anti-spyware program.
3 Tips to Prevent Personal Information From Ever Getting Out Of Your Computer
1.Read the user reports

The best anti-spyware programs will have reports available from their users. If you get a pop-up message that your computer is infected or that your computer is infected you need to click on the ‘remove’ link. You will then be given a proper description of the problem and some recommended steps that you can take to fix the problem.

2. Update your Program

When you get pop-ups or you start getting more ads being shown on your computer that you previously did not, it is time to update your anti-spyware program. All current anti-spyware programs support vista easily. COMODO is one of the current leaders and they support vista easily.

3. Delete unwanted files

Once you have downloaded any newver, you will need to delete all files that are labeled as unwanted. This is because these files will be added to a list of things that the anti-spyware program will search when you visit questionable websites. These unwanted files are outside the scope of the anti-spyware program and are actually malware in disguise. If you click on the ‘delete all items’ link on these websites you will see that all the files have already been deleted, however, you may need to do this step a couple of more times to delete all the files.

oks, if you are using Vista you can go to the taskbar, normally in the system tray. Click on the “jayapoker” link and you will see here that there is a list of programs thatvista has installed. You need to go to this page and press the Delete button. From here you will see that another dialog box will pop up requesting that you confirm that you want to delete files from this list, click Yes.

To remove personal information or files you may not want to use in order to clean your pc up you can also search online for something called a registry cleaner. This will try to match your old bad batch of files with your new clean registry file. If you click on the “Next” button it will take you to the next page, where you can choose what you want to delete. For each file that you want deleted, you need to select the New Password option so that you are able to delete the file without having to type in the nastys.

Now you are ready to run your registry cleaner so that you can restore your pc to it normal speed. When you are first infected with a virus it can be kind of slow, but not freezing. That is merely the beginning.

In addition to slowing down your computer, viruses are also designed to communicate with one another and send each other information about your computer’s keystrokes. Each of the viruses out there can use this information about our passwords and credit card numbers for their own purposes. They also have remote users who help them send emails and spread malicious code.

The fastest and easiest way to get rid of viruses on your computer is to download anti-virus software. For less than $20 a year you can have all the protection you need to protect yourself.

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